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I have this thing in my head where if i don't jot it down it probably wasn't a good idea or concept because a good concept would make me get out of bed no matter the time and write it down or at the very least sketch it. This idea came to me while I was naked in the middle of the night and I just couldn't get it out of my head, I had two parallel train of thoughts running around in my head and they just kept bouncing back and forth. The first one was about a road trip, this time last year I did a cross country road trip with my friend Dylan, we drove from connecticut to southern california and cut through the belly of the country. I saw states I never had the intention of knowing the pleasure of, on my list of places to see Tennessee, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Arizona never reach the top nor the middle but in a weird way I'm glad I got to see them. On the last leg of our trip we drove through the Arizona/New Mexico Area and I definitely recommend that you do that at least once in your life. I believe the strange rock formations they have there are called either buttes or mesas and they are these beautiful orangey-red clay colored pillars, when the sun sets slightly they look purple in their own shadow. That same night I was feeling a lot of guilt, I reflect a lot almost too much. I'm sure we've all had those nights where you're laying in bed and thinking about something you did a few days/weeks/months/years ago and wish you acted differently or wish you had your current mindset in that moment, maybe you'd apologize, maybe you wouldn't have acted so defensive or maybe you just should have listened more. One unfortunate part of life is that time moves linearly we only really have now and the future and we can spend that time beating ourselves up about the past or use that experience to make amends and move forwards, the second unfortunate part of life is knowing all that, we will still continue to slip up. There is no such thing as a perfect person all we can do is try out best. This is a sweater I made that merges these two abstract concepts I had late one night when i should have been sleeping.

  • Boxy Fit
  • Wide Arms
  • Embroidered Front And Back
  • Fully Knit Construction


It is recommended to get your regular TTS; The sweater, like most of our products runs, short and sizing up doesn't make it much longer it is intended to fall on your waist.

(inches) S M L XL 2XL
Chest (pit to pit) 23 23 7/8 24 5/8 24 3/8 26 1/8
Length 23 23 3/4 24 1/2 25 1/4 26
Sleeve Length 19 3/4 20 1/8 20 1/2 20 7/8 21 1/4

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