RSG x GSS DIY Hoodie - Blue

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Resurgence and I have had a long standing partnership since we both started our brands. We started the same year months apart, and we did our first collaboration on November 2017. It went so well that we proceeded to do them every year. This is the latest iteration, essentially its a thick oversized blank hoodie available in two pastel colors. The gimmick is that it’s blank. and we included custom transfers that we designed. JJ, the owner of Resurgence, is a Canadian; we had never met in person but always talked about it. In August, we spent an entire month together at my apartment in Los Angeles, and that's how this collaboration came to fruition. Our intended goal was to get it all out that same month, but we just couldn't get it done. We spent many nights hypothesizing the collab, and then there was one really productive night where we just put pen to paper and knocked everything out. We were both working on our respective computers hammering out designs for the gang sheet and then printing them out to figure out placement. In my honest opinion, I feel like this was truly the most collaborative experience we've ever done.

  • Thick Oversized Cotton Hoodie
  • Waistband Toggle
  • Hand Numbered 0/100
  • Features three unique flash sheets with special Iron on Ink that is washing safe.

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