Memories - Embroidered Hoodie

Memories - Embroidered Hoodie

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I made a knit sweater half a year ago that kind of looks like something steve from minecraft would wear because it has a funny square gradient pattern on it, I didn't end up releasing it but I really liked the quote I made for the back of it. The quote was "There is a hole in my heart where you stood and I try to fill it with things that don't fit. I wasn't made for this cold, I miss the warmth of your body next to mine I have made peace with the fact that I will never get you back , I just don't know what to do with the good memories I have of you." I came up with it late at night one day and I really liked that last line so I condensed it to put it on a hat, and then I never touched it again. I had a comment tell me recently that it would go hard on a hoodie so I decided to pay homage to the original "I hope I don't" hoodie where it was just placed big on the front and let it rock like that.  I think the hardest thing in my life is letting go of things, I feel like I hold onto a lot of guilt and I feel like I hold onto a lot of memories I built an entire life with someone and now I have to move on and pretend it never happened and it's just horrible.
  • Made in Los Angeles
  • 10oz Cotton Poly Blend
  • Wide Fit
  • Embroidered Front

Size Guide : Go with your regular size
Length (inches) 26 27

Width 1/2 (inches) 22
26 28

Sleeve (inches) 23 3/8 24 7/8 24 3/8 24 7/8 25 3/8

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