Loving is Understanding - Embroidered Reflective Shorts

Loving is Understanding - Embroidered Reflective Shorts

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For a long time I thought love had to have a title you had to be someones partner, their boyfriend, girlfriend mother etc, but I think i've found happiness in loving people and not expecting anything in return. I think too many people are afraid of being vulnerable and lose out on an amazing connection because they'd rather be safe, and I understand that no one wants to get their ego hurt. I don't think love is about possession I think its about understanding; you want people to be able to follow their dreams unhindered you should play a supportive part in their life. Love isn't about going on dates or spending time together it’s about being supportive and understanding. 

  • Cotton Sweatshorts
  • Reflective Print
  • Embroidered
  • Made in LA
  • Three Pockets

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping and processing.


Size guide Runs True To Size (Elastic Waist Stretches 4")

Length Inseam (Inches) 5 6 6 6
Width (inches) 28 30 32 34

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