Life And Hell Bomber - Agony

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This is the piece that I started making first when I was hypothesizing the Agony collection. I've always wanted to make a bomber, and my qualms with them is that generally any bomber you can get at a store has like a shiny nylon face, and I detested that. This bomber is made from washed canvas giving it a super soft hand feel with a satin poly lining. This bomber also features a Sherpa fleece collar, double zipper and flap pockets with a black metal button enclosure. On the back of the bomber it carries a chenille applique with the motif of the collection "Life and Hell Mean The Same Thing." This is one of the few times we have experimented with using chenille on a garment, and the logic for it was that I really wanted to experiment with texture on the motifs of the clothing. I feel that the chenille gives the otherwise ordinary jacket a volume that a print or embroidery couldn't. My favorite embellishment on this jacket is the heart shaped O-ring I like to use the concept of love in a lot of the work I do and I wanted to gently allude to it in this jacket. If you're going through dark times, if you truly think your life is hell you gotta stop and think about what keeps you going it could be hope, it could be love it, could be pride, it could be a number of things, but I like to think that for me its always been love.

  • Washed Canvas Bomber Jacket
  • Sherpa Lined Collar
  • Chenille "Life And Hell Mean The Same Thing"
  • Heart Shaped O-Ring
  • Small "get some sleep" chest embroidery.

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