Jumbo Trapezoid Tote - Agony

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This totebag is a hodgepodge of ideas blended into one I set out to make a trapezoid shaped totebag that tapers towards the bottom, the front face of the pattern for the totes are all trapezoids. I wanted the length to be adjustable, so you ride it high or low and I found the solution for that in the form of a rollercoaster buckle. This is neat because it also allows you to unclip the bag. The bag is embellished on both sides the front facing sign carrying the name of the collection screen printed on where the back has the motif of the collection "Life And Hell..." I'm curious to see which side you will have facing out or if that is even a thought that crosses your mind. I didn't set out to make a super edgy polarizing collection with a title that you wouldn't repeat out loud in a public setting, I just do what I always do I have an idea and I see it through and whether it does good or bad in terms of sales it doesn't hinder my next ideas.

Something i've realized about this collection is that I use Get Some Sleep as vehicle to express how I feel and sometimes those phrases are of hope and joy and success but no one is happy all the time, I don't want to pander, I don't have intentions of making hopeful phrases because that is what is hot and that is what will pay my bills I just want to put out what I feel and I hope people understand that sometimes those feelings aren't for everyone. 

  • Jumbo Washed Canvas Tote
  • 24" wide
  • Roller Coaster Buckle
  • Chenille Applique
  • Screen Printed Front

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