If You Never Start - Jade Celestial w/ White Appliques (YCP x GSS)

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It's harder to make friends when you're older at least for me that is, I meet a lot of people but seldom do I make new friends that is why Nic (Young Chickenpox) has a very special place in my heart. I spoke to Nic for the first time in the summer of 2021 he shared a rework of one of the original celestial pieces and it really caught my eye. His applique work was really intricate and time intensive, and I just couldn't believe that somebody would spend all that time on one of my pieces. We exchanged numbers but it didn't become more than that until he hits me out of the blue and invites himself to stay over at my place in Los Angeles a complete stranger. You see the thing about Nic is that he is the kind of person to invite himself over to a stranger's apartment he met on the internets house and I am the kind of person who is entirely comfortable with letting a random stranger stay at their house for an entire week, it was fated. I remember driving to pick up Nic from LAX for the first time and being nervous, prior to that we've had approximately thirty minutes of phone conversation I didn't know how things we're going to go. That was the last time that I had any doubts all week about Nic I picked him up and I don't even remember the drive home I just remember the conversation it was electric, we hit it off since the moment he stepped into my car. Normally I work solo but that week was different, we spent the week sharing and working, it was a very productive week. We had an important moment of reflection one day when we were driving to the shop about how absurd it was that two strangers hundreds of miles apart linked up and started working together. The internet is a very powerful thing but only if you ask, this is where the phrase we came up with for the Collab stems from "If You Never Start, You Will Never Know." I think that concept can be applied to everything. God knows what I would be doing had I not started Get Some Sleep, possibly still working at a dental lab or what if Nic didn't message me to hang out I probably would have missed out on having a really great friend. The fear of missing out keeps us tied down and working through that uncomfortability for better or for worse is a great skill to have. The message we want to share is that you need to find the courage to start whatever project you're dreaming of and whether it pops or flops doesn't matter, at least you'll know.   

  • 420 GSM French Terry Cotton
  • White Applique Zig Zag Stitched Throughout
  • Frayed Seams
  • Wide but Short Body
  • Back Embroidery 

    Design Notes: I had various friends of different sizes and body types try out this hoodie. I personally recommend going with your regular size this hoodie ends over the waist not near the thighs keep that in mind. Also we decided to remove the website link on the hoodie; it was a last minute decision.


    S M L XL 2XL 3XL
    Length (inches) 25 25 3/4 26 1/4 26 3/4 27 1/2 29
    Width 1/2 (inches) 25 25.5 26 27 27.5 29
    Sleeve (inches) 23 3/4 24 1/8 24 1/5 24 7/8 25 1/4 26

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