I Go Through Phases Too - Shirt

I Go Through Phases Too - Shirt

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This is my first time doing an all over screen print tshirt it uses water based dye so that the color isn't too heavy on the shirt. I've had this concept of things being different when you're with the right or wrong person for a while now and i really want to flesh it out more. I'm a big fan of staring at the moon but sometimes i'll forget to do it i'll go months or weeks without even noticing its there but I was with a friend recently and we were staring at a really big crescent moon a few months back and I just remember feeling like the vibe was right I think that person made the activity feel more wholesome. I've stared at the moon with other people my parents, friends, etc and its kind of the same it just looks really pretty and it's pretty in all of its phases but when you're  with the right person it could feel like its an entirely ethereal experience.

  • All over print
  • Water Based Ink
  • Limited to 100

Size guide Runs True To Size 

Length (inches) 27 28.5 30
31.5 32.5
Width (inches) 18.5
20.5 22.5 24.5 26.5

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