Have You Ever Been In Love? - Gradient Bandana

Have You Ever Been In Love? - Gradient Bandana

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I've been feeling demotivated all month, I've been wanting to create but don't know what. On Friday I stopped by the liquor and saw that they sell 100% cotton bandanas and picked some up just to mess around with, turns out they print really well. I've always wanted to try a gradient flood print but have always been against it because each hit comes out slightly different from the last one and eventually with time it all starts to mix on the screen just giving you a solid color. Personally I think the fact that each print is unique is awesome so everyones will be slightly different.

  • Gradient Flood Print 
  • Each Print Is Unique
  • 21x21 inches 
  • 100% Cotton

Product ships out 9/8

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