Agony - Celestial Cut BiZip Hoodie

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The BiZip Celestial Hoodie is an unpragmatic approach to a traditional zipper hoodie.  For those of you new to the brand and are unaware of what our Celestial Cut Hoodie is, they're basically these short but wide hoodies that have really baggy sleeves and they feature the material cut out and sewn in reverse to highlight the texture of the 420GSM French terry in some spots. I say that this is an unpragmatic approach to a zipper hoodie because we feature two zippers on this hoodie; the zipper allows the sleeves to be detached from the body which is opposite of what a traditional zipper hoodie does. Realistically speaking, I don't think anyone is going to be wearing the hoodie as a poncho or just the sleeves or maybe one sleeve off but you do have the liberty to do so. This hoodie has an emphasis on texture not only does it have the reverse terry cut outs, and two zippers but it also has frayed edges along the seems of the cutouts and with time they will distress more (this does not compromise the structural integrity of the hoodie.) There is this idea in this collection that you can be split but still be whole you can be working your 9 to 5 while fighting demons and still clocking in on time the next day you can go through hell and keep going and I think this hoodie encapsulates that.

  • 420GSM French Terry Cotton
  • Two Double Zippers 
  • Agony Split Embroidery
  • Natural Fraying Around The French Terry Cut Outs
  • Hand wash is most ideal, but Cold, Delicate Cycle if needed. 

SIZING NOTES: Intended to be boxy/wide and slightly cropped to sit at the waist. Go with your true size if you're okay with a slight crop. Size up for a bit more length, but it'll run even more oversized than normal. Hoodie runs about 2-3 inches shorter and wider than a blank that you would purchase from other brands.

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