Loving You Is Hard - Frilled Button Up [PRE-ORDER]

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I love wearing button up shirts but it never translates into the stuff I design over the course of the next few months so I challenged myself to make a slightly loud button up and I will keep trying to make them over the course of the next few months. Normally I like to elaborate a little but on how the phrase came to mind unfortunately I feel as thought i'd like to keep this one to myself as I feel it is too personal to discuss in an open forum but I would gladly talk to you about it in private. I consider myself a difficult person I understand that I don't always do things the right way and having said that I appreciate all the people that continue to stay in my life. This is a Cotton linen shirt with lace trimmed throughout it has a slightly boxy fit but it is not too short like our other products, thank you for listening.

  • 100% Cotton Linen with Lace Trim
  • Slightly Oversized
  • Wide, but short fit
  • Screen-printed front 

SIZING NOTES: Stick with your true size.

Length (inches) 23.75 24 24.5 25.25 26
Width 1/2 (inches) 21 22 23 24 25
Sleeve (inches) 18 18.5 19 19.5 19.5

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