About Preorders

Our business model revolves around the desire for everyone that wants to purchase our items to be able to. We make clothes based off of demand and would rather have more people talking about how happy they are that they could purchase instead of how they missed out because it sold out too fast. 

We release exclusive items that are often only available for their ONE WEEK pre-order period. Once this time slot has ended, there's no guarantee that an item will ever return, but if demand is high enough, there is a chance that it will. 

PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING OF THESE PRODUCTS IS ESTIMATED TO TAKE BETWEEN 4-12 WEEKS (depending on the product) AFTER PRE-ORDERS CLOSE. These are always estimates and can take less or more time depending on factors out of our control ESPECIALLY with the holidays coming.

You can cancel your pre-order at any time as we recognize that financial situations can be tough and not everyone has money to spend on clothes all the time. As for sizing, you can change your size freely by contacting us within the pre-order period. However, if the pre-order period is over, you'll be unable to change your size as we would've placed the order with our manufacturer.

For any further questions, comments, address changes, or cancels, please don't hesitate to reach out via e-mail (support@ithinkihatemyself.com), Instagram, or Discord.