It Won't Be Like This Forever - Reflective Hoodie

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We will be closed the entirety of April and hope to return on May 1st. It's getting harder to source garments since every distribution center near us in California is closed; we had to order garments from Nevada for this release. I have a fear that in the coming weeks it will be harder to source garments because of the lock-down. We're a small business, and like most small businesses, we don't have millions in the bank. We have rent and bills to pay, but fortunately for us, we can survive for a few months based on what we have saved up. If the pandemic ramps up, and gets more serious, we will have bigger things to worry about :(

If this is the end, thank you! I spent three wonderful years building this brand, and I would hate to see it end because of something out of my control. There are more important things in life right now than clothes, and it doesn't feel right to me asking for people's support. It won't be like this forever.

  • Front pocket screen print
  • Reflective Back hit
  • 12oz Hoodie


Size guide

Length (inches)
28 29 30
31 32
Width (inches)
23 25 29 27

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