Clown - Boxy Shirt [DETHBEACH X GSS]

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What does it mean to love someone's work? Would you buy a print they make? Would you tattoo their work all over your body? I've been getting tatted by Dethbeach since 2018 my friend introduced me to his work and it just always stood out to me, I've spent hours with this man he has done 90% of the tattoos on my body, every tattoo experience is different some people just sit in the chair and get tattooed and wait it out the pain but not me and Dethbeach. The title of this collection is "The most beautiful lessons come from pain" and you can look at it both literal and metaphorical dethbeach has helped me transform my body into something I'm proud of covered in art. Every session is awesome he is possibly one of my best friends in that chair or laying on that bed I think I've told him more about my life then I've told anyone, I've told him about my family my relationships my stresses my feelings and he's shared his with me, I think that talking makes the pain easier, sometimes only a little bit. I'll be entirely honest sometimes the pain is too much and i'll have to just sit there in silence trying to distract myself from the pain I am in pain but I'm trying not to suffer. I apply that logic to my life, I am the person I am because of the experiences in my life but the experiences are not me. I think it's a hard concept to understand I think the easiest example I can give you from my life is that I grew up really poor, My family never went on vacation, my family slept in a single room until I was in high school ironically enough in high school I had one pair of pants and a couple shirts I would cycle through, my parents were always late on rent and coming home to eviction warnings was a common thing. I am not that person anymore, through time and hard work I was able to build a life for myself that I am extremely proud of yet sometimes when I buy stuff the thought crosses my mind like "wait this money could be better used to rent" or I'll hesitate when buying something small like food for myself when I'm out. I'm trying to unlearn the experiences I had when I was younger, I think that is a pain that will never go away but I am the one who chooses how I let it affect my life, I am lucky that I get to choose how I suffer.

This collaboration has been years in the making, its my garments and concepts illustrated by my favorite artist, I hope you like it as much as I do.


  • 180GSM Cotton Shirt
  • Wide, but short fit
  • Printed Front, Embroidered Back. 

SIZING NOTES: Intended to be boxy/wide and slightly cropped. Go with your true size if you're okay with a slight crop. Size up for a bit more length, but it'll run even more oversized than normal. Shirt runs about 2-3 inches shorter and wider than a normal shirt blank that you would purchase from other brands.

Length (inches) 25 26 27 28 29 30
Width 1/2 (inches) 20 22 24 26 28 30

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