Celestial Cut Hoodie - Black Blank (Limited to 100)

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This a black blank version of the celestial cut that was released as part of our Everyone I Love Is Here Collection. I think I am someone who does what I want I think I'm in the process of figuring out my own design ethos. I believe that big back texts and the phrases I come up with in general are a big part of the GSS Style, but this is a piece that can hold up on its own. It's made of heavy 420 GSM French terry and has such a unique cut that I think it doesn't need much to adorn it. I also got an interesting comment on IG recently I forgot who it was, but they said the overall GSS supporters will always want something with text and they're going to overshadow the minority of people that want basic minimal pieces I'm not trying to cater to everyone, but I am always willing to experiment.

  • 100% French Terry Cotton
  • Unique Cut
  • Wide Arms
  • Wide Body Short Length

Sizing Fits a little shorter than regular hoodies will end at your waist and not on your thighs recommend going with your regular size.


Length (inches) 25 25 3/4 26 1/4 26 3/4 27 1/2 29
Width 1/2 (inches) 25 25.5 26 27 27.5 29
Sleeve (inches) 23 3/4 24 1/8 24 1/5 24 7/8 25 1/4 26

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