Soft Gentle Moon - Corduroy Trucker

Soft Gentle Moon - Corduroy Trucker

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This is the best fitting trucker we've made, and it also has really dense embroidery on it.

I've been working on my craft a lot, been doing a lot of reflection and soul searching and I feel as though the past two months i've been writing some stuff i'm really proud of. "These days I hardly see you much, these days I barely give you , but my soft gentle moon I never forgot about you." I wrote this and it's about how busy i've been the past few months as work has picked up a lot as it tends to do towards the end of the year, I love my job but it does put a strain on a lot of my relationships balancing work and my real life is hard for me especially when my work is tied up with so much of life, there are friends I haven't seen in months ultimately I think that's also part of growing up you prioritize the things that are more important to you.

  • Corduroy Trucker Hat
  • Snapback Closure
  • Big High Density Embroidery

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