Soft Gentle Moon - Black Raglan Boxy Tee Shirt

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Original Product Description

Hey guys after a few months of development we finally have a new shirt to show off! The fabric is locally milled from cotton raised in the USA it is heavy weighing in at 275GSM, then it is cut and sewn locally to our specifications in downtown Los Angeles in a factory run by my homie Peter, after being cut they are garment dyed locally. It is a process to have these shirts made but as I said in our last post it takes a little longer but we have the time. These shirts are in hand and ready to ship. 

Design Description Ripped From Hoodie

I've been working on my craft a lot, been doing a lot of reflection and soul searching and I feel as though the past two months i've been writing some stuff i'm really proud of. "These days I hardly see you much, these days I barely give you , but my soft gentle moon I never forgot about you." I wrote this and it's about how busy i've been the past few months as work has picked up a lot as it tends to do towards the end of the year, I love my job but it does put a strain on a lot of my relationships balancing work and my real life is hard for me especially when my work is tied up with so much of life, there are friends I haven't seen in months ultimately I think that's also part of growing up you prioritize the things that are more important to you.

  • Made and Dyed in LA
  • Raglan cut
  • Wide, but short fit
  • Screen-printed front and back

SIZING NOTES: Intended to be boxy/wide and slightly cropped. Go with your true size if you're okay with a slight crop. Size up for a bit more length, but it'll run even more oversized than normal. Shirt runs about 3-4 inches shorter and wider than a normal shirt blank that you would purchase from other brands.

Length (inches) 23.75 24 24.5 25.25 26
Width 1/2 (inches) 21 22 23 24 25
Sleeve (inches) 18 18.5 19 19.5 19.5

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