Daisy's on the outside  - Cropped Heavy Pullover

Daisy's on the outside - Cropped Heavy Pullover

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Warning this is going to be a long one,

I have a strange insecurity I don't know wether to call myself an artist or not it is a bane that I question often. Everyone who works at the shop is an artist in their own way and to varying degrees, Jossue went to college for art and received a degree in art and is on a technical level very talented at what he does and on the other end of the spectrum Grant is a self taught painter who has sold their work and has done hundreds of impressive paintings as well as had a successful gallery show, Dylan exclusively shoots on film and has shot thousands of beautiful photographs and Alex he has been writing and playing music since as long as I've known him everyone at the shop does art in their own way. As for me I paint, I draw I write, and I play music, but most important of all I run Get Some Sleep, GSS is the only thing in my life i've done consistently for years. I see GSS as this funnel that I've poured all my creativity into for nearly a decade now, through GSS i've been allowed to hone my craft and style, I started off printing shirts then I learned how to design garments, then I learned how to MAKE garments with my own two hands, you guys have allowed me to really eat and breathe Get Some Sleep I have the freedom to do it full time and focus on making the best things I can make very few people get to live off their craft and art and I am blessed by you guys to be one of those people. All that being said it never feels like i'm making art, this hoodie took years to make, years of iteration changing styles widening the arms shortening the torso choosing the fabric etc a lot of love goes into these hoodies. When i'm writing a new quote it will be on my mind for hours or days trying to choose the right syntax to express how i'm feeling in a short precise quip but it doesn't feel like i'm writing a poem. I'll make designs that never see the light of day possibly because they mean too much to me or because it's not something I want to display. I give all these examples because in theory and in practice everyday I am making "art" but it doesn't feel like that to me it's just my work I like to refer to it as pieces of my soul. Way back when I was in college I took an art class that drastically changed the course of my life and I tell this story all the time so i'm sorry if you've heard this but long story short on the first day of class my professor asked this question about art and he said something like "what is art?" and he let everyone try to answer the question and people we're giving answers like art is painting, art is something that's in a museum and those we're all very good answers but he said "art is anything that moves you" not physically of course but stirs something in you, and i've been told by countless people on the internet how much my work means to them or that it's beautiful and i've been told stories by people about how they were moved to tears about something i've wrote or how happy it makes them but I can never believe them for me it's just something I wrote, something i painted, something I doodled, something I put together on my computer in my apartment in brea, a memory I had while I was getting coffee I never ever feel like an artist I just feel like a guy who posts stuff on the internet every once in a while. Often I feel like i'm my own worst enemy and my harshest critic. Thanks for listening.

This is a painting I made on a hoodie and it says "i'm on the outside looking in like soft flower petals on your skin, normally when I paint I try to draw realistically i'll paint every shadow i'll go slow i'll try to make it look technically good, but this is the first time i tried painting expressively, i used a large brush I tried to make it look like there we're flowers in a vase in a bowl of water and I think it fools the eye enough.


  • Printed Front
  • Short But Wide Fit + Drop Shoulders
  • 360GSM Cotton (Heavy)

SIZING NOTES: Intended to be boxy/wide and slightly cropped to sit at the waist. Go with your true size if you're okay with a slight crop. Size up for a bit more length, but it'll run even more oversized than normal. Hoodie runs about 2-3 inches SHORTER AND WIDER than a blank that you would purchase from other brands.

Length (inches) 25 25.5 26 26.5 27 27.5
Width 1/2 (inches) 25 25.5 26 26.5 27 27.5

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