Sleep Forever Coach Jacket

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A maroon coach jacket with orange front and back prints this piece is loud really cool contrasting colors and a coaches jacket like none other. I've always been put off by releasing coaches jackets due to the fact that there is a running joke in our community that coach jackets are cursed and do not move. one of our fellow brand mates who shall remain nameless were stuck with 2 coach jackets for 3 months YIKES. anyways we took the plunge and decided to do coach jackets.

also it has come to my attention that a lot more of you guys read my product descriptions than I thought so shoutout to blue orchard, alex aka scooby, and Owen .


-Maroon Water proof outer nylon shell (also wind resistant)

-Polyester soft liner

- contrasting orange ink

-Front and back print

-Tonal front button enclosure.

The phrase " I just wasn't made for these times" is printed under the three pentagrams.


Size | Width | Length | Sleeve Length all sizes in inches


S 28 - 20 - 34

M 29 - 22 - 34

L 30 - 23 - 35

XL 31 - 24 - 36 


S 28  20 34
M 29  22 34
L 30 23 35
XL 31 24 36







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