Memories of You - Black 5 Panel Hat

Memories of You - Black 5 Panel Hat

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I started working on a collection about four months back and I really challenged myself to write about the most uncomfortable emotionally vulnerable parts of my life. Late one night at 3AM or possibly later as I was drawing out designs I had this to expand on the "I miss the days" idea, if I miss the days was about longing, this one is about grief and acceptance the confusion that comes with it. I think we've all been there, the awkward moment where you're holding onto memories of a person who left you or you left them. it is very frustrating and confusing building something with someone only for it to crumble to go back to strangers again. Personally I choose to keep the good memories safe and the bad ones are just a reminder to do better.

  • Made in Los Angeles and embroidered in Orange County
  • Poly Cotton Twill Construction
  • Adjustable snapback closure
  • Lower profile crown
  • Grey undervisor

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