How Do All The Pretty Things - Mohair Heart Cardigan

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How do all the pretty things make you feel?
I like road trips; my friends and I go on them a lot. It's not normally about the destination but more about the journey; very cliché but that's me. There is something liberating about being on the open road with no cell service and only a destination and good company. A very distinct trip that sticks out on my mind was this past summer when we went up north to a lake, I forget the name, the views were insane, and the water was cold which was a blessing on a hot day. I remember floating on the lake consuming it all and thinking it doesn't get much prettier than this. On the drive back, we pulled over to fill up at a random gas station in a city that I couldn't remember the name of even if I tried. For whatever reason, we stayed at the gas station longer than normal just chatting pounding beers, being introspective talking about nothing. We must have been there for two hours or so in the middle of the night in a city we didn't know just shooting the shit. I remember feeling a parallel between that moment and our time at the lake. I think it’s true that you can find beauty anywhere if you try and in turn I feel that I am also a part of that beauty. I think that all the pretty things make me feel like I belong as I get older and find my sense of purpose. I'm beginning to realize that it's not about the surroundings or who you're with or what you do but what you make of it.
This is our third knit product that we've released. It is a knit mohair cardigan sweater;  it is a black long haired sweater that is covered with red hearts and features the motif on the back knit in with white hair. The hair is really plush it truly feels like you're wearing a hug.  It is also oversized. 
  • Knit Cardigan
  • Oversized
  • Soft Plush Hair
  • Made of Synthetic Mohair 100% Acrylic 

In Hand And Ships Immediately. 

Size Guide Fits Oversized 

Size 1 is in between a S and M 

Size 2 is in between an M and L

Size 3 is in between an L and XL 

I recommend going with the lower size for a more fitted look for example if youre an M go with a size 1 but if you want the intended oversized look go with size 2

1 2 3
Length (inches) 24 26 28
Width 1/2 (inches) 24 25 26
Sleeve (inches) 23 3/4 24 1/8 24 1/4

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