A Mind That Never Sleeps - Zippy Hoodie

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Sam and I made two separate designs based around the concept "A mind that never sleeps.” His available on his website https://mindliquidstudio.com. I've been trying to get into writing longer stuff nothing like a novel but something more satisfying if the Quotes like "I hope I don't feel like this forever" and "It won't be like this forever" are a taste I want this to be more of a mouthful. The writing on the back is an ode to something I wish I could do flawlessly and that is go to sleep. My friend Steven is the kind of dude whose knocked out before his head hits the pillow I'd love to be that. My mind constantly races when I'm in bed I think of everything and I've tried it all from melatonin to ASMR YouTube vids nothing distracts me enough most nights I just tire my mind out.

  • Heavy 16oz Cotton
  • Double Zipper Hoodie
  • White Back Print
  • White Front Print
  • Available in limited supply ships out immediately 

Size guide Runs Short But Wide Hoodie Ends At Waist, Size Up For A Longer Fit.

Length (inches) 24 25 26 27 28
Width (inches) 24 25.5 27 28 29

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