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Hey everyone! I'm Grant, an LA based writer/artist and long time friend of GSS. Welcome to the start of a new blog series for the website that will be published in addition to the Love Letter every week. Get Some Sleep is so important to me, and I'm excited to share the brand's past, present, and future evolution with all of you here. We'll be going through the daily minutia and interesting projects that happen every day in the operation of the brand.


Today I have a short interview with Alex of GSS infamy. Alex helps manage customer support and is one of the people that responds to your messages and emails. Here’s a little overview of him and what he does with the brand!

Introduce yourself, where you’re from, and a little bit about yourself:

I’m Alex, I’m born and raised in Orange, CA- still residing there. A bit about myself, I love tattoos, bike riding, spending time outdoors- camping, hiking etcetera.”


How do you know Daniel?

“Dude! I grew up with Daniel. I’ve known him since elementary school. We lived less than a minute walk from each other.”

Do you remember when you met him for the first time?

That’s tough- no not really. We were just friends of friends on the playground and played a lot. We started hanging out a lot in highschool because we didn’t have a last period. So we would cross paths walking home and I’d go over to his house to hang out. That’s how it started.” 

How did you get started with the brand?

“We were in Mexico City, July 2022. He was mentioning that there was a lot of DM’s and emails, etcetera. He said he couldn’t get to all of it himself and that he and Dylan needed help. I told him I’ve been doing customer service for around 6 or 7 years and could help him out. That’s how the ball got rolling.”


Do you remember early GSS? 

“Yeah! It’s crazy watching it change- its all growth in a positive way. I remember a really early drop of an evangelion shirt, and just watching it transform is crazy. Starting out with GSS, the designs started as just ‘Get Some Sleep’ on a tricolor or old english. Now its just something that people relate to and live with.”


Do you have any favorite memories with the brand?

“We’re always making new ones! The first time we went to Japan, I think was my all time favorite. Also when Daniel lived in Venice and ran the brand from there. We were just talking about how nice that was last week.”

Walk us through what you do on a day to day level with Get Some Sleep-

“So I handle any customer inquiries like emails or DM’s- discord sometimes. Shopify has its own inbox so I handle that too. I let people know when orders are going to ship or when things might come in. Its all customer service and answering questions, helping people out.”

Do you have any favorite memories with customer interactions? 

“Yeah recently there was a customer whose daughter was going through a rough time. Something personal. He bought a bear for his daughter so we did him a solid and sent him a hoodie too.”


Any goals for yourself or the brand in the future?

“Expanding more! I’m starting to think we might need a bigger warehouse, but the pricing is ridiculous. I want to see more popups for sure in other regions. That would be great! Everywhere- that would be nice.

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