Explain the joke, please I don't get it.

Hello everyone welcome to our newest blog, the purpose of this blog is to close the dissonance between the instagram and what we do behind the scenes that you normally don't ever get to see. Instagram is great for brevity- you can see all the new stuff we make and all the new stuff we did, but it's really hard to explain why or how those things came to be with pictures alone. We're hoping this long format medium allows us to tell our story with a little more nuance and depth. This blog is for those of you who like seeing how the bacon is made and for those of you who need a joke explained before you find it funny. 

I'm going to begin by introducing myself and then answering the uncomfortable question of "what is Get Some Sleep?".

Who are you?

Hello! My name is Daniel some of you may know me as yams or fearhall, I started Get Some Sleep in my room from my parents apartment in Orange, California when i was 21 I am currently 27. I love reading and writing and working with my hands. If I ever have a day off I'm in my shop sewing a project together with a long youtube video essay playing in the background. I can spend hours there, and I do. If I start a project at 3PM I usually won't go home until it's finished at around 7am or so and often times I'll just crash there. I consider myself an introvert. I really value my alone time, but I'll always make time for my friends who mean the world to me. The most extroverted part of me is my job (GSS). Over the years it has challenged me and put me in uncomfortable situations, generally for good. As much as I like being alone I will step out of my shell for supporters or to do a pop up in a different city because it brings me a lot of joy. I love journaling, I don't have any personal social media because it drains me, and I am a Mexican American who speaks Spanish fluently- my culture is very important to me. Thanks for listening.

What is Get Some Sleep?

The easy answer I always give is that it's words on shirts but really it is hard to box it into one thing. For me, Get Some Sleep is my passion project. I see GSS as a vehicle to release stuff that is weighing on my mind. Generally, it's just clothes. I love making clothes and I love making things that speak to people, so it's a combination of that. I like to think of it as an outlet with a community of people who relate. As for Get Some Sleep releases they are generally either limited or pre-order and I know this can be frustrating for people but we don't do this to be annoying. We do it because one of our core values is to not overproduce. Having been in this space for so long i've met countless brand owners with boxes of unsold stuff that's locked away in a garage- and to take it a step above our little world there are brands exponentially bigger than us with warehouses full of stuff that doesn't sell even if its on sale. We just don't ever want to be like that. To us it's more important to order a limited run and make sure they all go to a happy home, than to order thousands of units and try to sell it off at the end of a season. If something is really popular we can just put up for pre-order, that way everyone who wants one can get one with a little (sometimes a lot) patience- that's just where we are coming from. I always have a hard time answering this question. To some, Get Some Sleep is a clothing brand, and to some it's a journey to see how far WE can take this thing that I started in my parents apartment.

Who is Get Some Sleep?

Get Some Sleep is a 5 person team. I do the designing and post on the socials. Dylan is second in command and does a lot of behind the scenes stuff, like prepping the site or making sure a pop ups go smoothly- but generally does an uncountable number of things that would be impossible to list off. He is always down to bring any kooky vision i have to fruition. if Get Some Sleep is a machine he is the oil that keeps it running smoothly. Going down the chain we have Jossue, Jossue is kind of the muscle of the group. He is super reliable and can always be counted on to do anything labor intensive like shipping or installing a new tv at the shop. He is our handyman but is also an artist in his own way. Then we have Alex who is our dedicated customer support person, if you reach out to the support email or reach out via the website or a DM he will take care of you. He also does modeling for us whenever applicable. Our newest member is Grant who will help organize the newsletter and blog and create behind the scenes content for us. Lastly there's all of you guys who support and care about the brand without you guys we would be nothing.

in the future I'll have the team write blog entries formally introducing themselves.

I apologize in advance for all the word vomit and appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read this. Expect more entries weekly. Until then peace!

I think it would be fun to pose a question at the end of every blog entry. I've told you guys about me and I'd love to hear about you so the question for this week's entry is:

"Who are you without mentioning your job?" 

please enter your reply as a comment.

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  • Nicholas Anderson on

    You are so good at story telling Grant! I’m excited to hear more of your blog posts in the future.

  • flow on

    I’m a creative person since childhood. I love to create virtual worlds, the real world would otherwise never see. Right now it’s a bit of a hard time for me because I’m right before a big new milestone in my life but it doesn’t want to happen yet. I’m also afraid of it but I don’t have a choice but to keep going and hoping.

  • amy on

    I am a person who carries more identities than they can manage to juggle.

  • Andreana Napoles on

    Hi! My names Ondie. I’m a creative at heart who sees most things through the lenses of rose colored glasses. I suppose I am an introvert at heart— although, I find myself bringing a smile to most people with a sort of tinge of extrorevtism. As a person who thrives mostly on balance, I suppose I can chameleon into any environment.

    I write, paint, sketch, cook (it has its creative qualities) and am learning to play the piano — but what I love to do most is dig my hands in a bit of clay. My favorite is terra cotta. I love the smell of old books and old records. My favorite part of finding an old book is opening it up and breathing in its history. Currently— Henry Millers Tropic of Cancer has consumed my mind/time.

    I do adore beautiful people/experiences/words/art/clothes/music etc. So when I came across GSS in my discover via Instagram— I was instantly enamored. First, because the saying “get some sleep” has a misunderstood meaning. In my world (up until now)— when someone says, “you look tired” its taken as an insult. As a way to say, “hey you look like crap”. For me, it took on a whole new meaning. As if to say, “I love you. I care about you. Rest.” I haven’t genuinely rested within my soul in a long while. Mostly because finding the balance for others and the facade I’ve created has been the sole purpose of my existence for the last decade.

    Also, I have attempted my own run at a small business. The experience was tainted by others actions and I found myself yet again, trying to create balance for my past failure to successfully create happiness for others. So I let my ideas go but I have never stopped believing in the importance of small businesses and the value that words have.

    A lot of the pieces created by GSS have touched me in one way or another. From the beautiful poetry to the care put into designs that would otherwise seem out of the box and heavily misunderstood. I appreciate the time and care put into GSS but mostly, I continuously thrive on its genuinity. So, thank you. For existing— your work is incredibly important to my soul.

    Xx O

  • Austin on

    Hi, my name is Austin. I’m a creative soul who loves on transforming ideas into reality. My world is filled with colors, shapes, and textures, and I have a passion for making things beautiful and meaningful. Whether it’s through what I create, what I wear, or even the way I arrange my living space, I constantly seek to bring harmony and aesthetics to the world around me. Get Some Sleep, especially the motifs of agony, resonate with me deeply. The struggle and pain that these pieces of wearable art evoke are the things that make us who we are. The most beautiful lessons come from pain.

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