Mid Split Pocket Tee - Agony

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I touched about this underlining theme in this collection about the feelings of being split in the description of the BiZip hoodie the feeling that your mind is somewhere while your physical body is elsewhere and I tried to show that in this piece.

This shirt is made out of super soft 180GSM ring spun cotton giving it a soft on body feel, the middle of the shirt is slightly cropped to show off the split design (this does not crop high enough to show any of your abdomen due to the length of the shirt.) The interesting design component of the split is that it segments the Agony front print as well as the pocket on the shirt. We can go on about how the split defeats the purpose of the practicality of the pocket on the shirt, but I think it is a moot argument considering the fact that I don't think anyone realistically uses the pocket on the front of a shirt. In short, I traded aesthetics for practicality and my justification is that the front pocket is generally useless. The back has a short paragraph I wrote similar to the one on the site about how there is no award for suffering and everyone's suffering is justified and to choose to bring peace into peoples live instead of harm although sometimes that is easier said than done.

  • 180GSM Ring Spun Cotton Shirt 
  • Mid Split Design
  • Printed Front and Back

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