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Get two one to rock one to stock.


some of you guys are going to be like wtf a bumper sticker thats so random but for those of you out of the know theres this sick ass community of sticker makers that primarily make anime car stickers and some of them are rad as hell I've been a fan of the community for like a year now and have gotten close with some of the makers if this concept is new to you checkout

@ultra.feel @spooky.hours to get started

there are so many good sticker makes it would be hard to list them all.


sticker size is 8.5 x 3 inches and comes with an oilslick holographic finish.

the slap has a UV coating so it won't fade in the sun if you choose to put it on your car as well as rain and weather proof.

stickers are in hand and ready to ship will be sent out in an envelope.

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