Sleep Dot Logo Hoodie

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This is a limited in hand item less than 50 units were made. All orders ship by sunday.

This hoodie is special, it was made entirely in the United States. The Hoodie was cut and sewn together 25 miles from my house, and it was embroidered within 5 miles of my house. This hoodie features a super unique 15k+ stitch embroidery of our logo with the phrase "There is nothing to worry about" it will never be reused. making this possibly one of the most limited Get Some Sleep items I have ever made.

The production cost of these hoodies nearly double that of our regular hoodie, that is due to a number of factors 1. Small production run, they will get cheaper as we produce more and work with the factory more. 2. Made in the united states were manufacturing is notoriously pricey. 3. High Stitch Count Embroidery the embroidery measures 6.5 x 2 inches and has 5 colors its possibly one of the best embroidered items we have made.

despite the higher than normal production cost we have decided to price them relatively the same as our normal outsourced cut and sewn hoodies, the reason for that being is that there is such a small amount of them that eventually we will be able to get the cost down to a more competitive price when we place a bigger order.

I hope that if you end up buying this item you realize how much time and effort went into it, it is truly one of the most unique Sleep items we have made.


Material 85/15 Poly/Cotton

I tend to always lean towards 100% Cotton for products but this factory blew me away with the quality of their fabric. They have fabric milled in City Of Industry, California. I had a conversation with my friend Anthony Fermil last time I was in San Francisco and he was also blown away and couldn't believe that the sample i brought him wasnt 100% Cotton its something you just have to see for yourself.


Size guide

Length (inches) 28 29 30 31 32
Width (inches) 20 22 24 26 28

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