A Mind That Never Sleeps - Knit Sweater

A Mind That Never Sleeps - Knit Sweater

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I was introduced to Sam, the owner of MindLiquid through a mutual friend he was just starting his brand when we met. It's hard to put Mind Liquid in a box some words that I use to describe them, are psychedelic, transient, a phenom. Sam puts his interest onto clothes just like me; I see a reflection of my younger self in him. We both have busy schedules, so it was really hard to find time to work on this collab. We would find ourselves working on this in the small hours of the night which is how the phrase came to be. The phrase “A Mind That Never Sleeps” takes me back to when I was 21 and was working a full-time job (40+ hours a week) as well as grinding out Get Some Sleep. At my desk at work, I was thinking of Get Some Sleep. I would constantly be on the phone with a client and lose track of the conversation because I was thinking of new designs or orders that had to go out; I think I worked myself to the bone that year.

The sweater is thick intarsia knit cotton, featuring four different symbols in muted colors and the bold phrase "A Mind That Never Sleeps.” The sweater is extra wide but runs short intended to sit at the waist we intended for this to be a layering piece and worn over a long shirt.

  • Intarsia Knit Cotton
  • Drop Shoulder
  • Thick (each sweater coming in at nearly 1.5lbs)
  • Limited Quantities
  • In hand and begins shipping Monday 02/01/2021

 Sweater is wide but short intended to sit at the waist.

Length (inches) 24 25 26 27 28 0
Width (inches) 25.5 26.5 27.5 28.5 29.5 0


Knits begin shipping after the weekend.

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