Design notes for 5/24/19.

  • All of our Tees except for free Tees are now made on a heavy 6oz made in the USA shirt.
  • Our hoodies for this collection are made using a different pattern than our Spring hoodie as well as our winter hoodies.
    • These hoodies feature side panel ribbing.
    • They are 14oz cotton fleece and are baby blanket soft.
    • These are thicker than our spring hoodies but not as thick as our winter hoodies.
  • All our products are now printed in house.
  • Limited items begin shipping ASAP
  • Unlimited items begin shipping on 5/29

In other news Custom Vans are still going out daily I haven't been able to make pairs since this Wednesday due to this release but they are slowly rolling out. The estimated time frame for them was 3-5 days because I was expecting to get 30 orders maybe 50 max not 200 realistically I think we should be able to have them all out by the coming friday.

Thank you for your support!

- Yams.