Always On My Mind - Stainless Steel Watch

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Who needs time when you're always on my mind. Truth be told if I glanced at one of these watches I wouldn't be able to tell you the time without taking a second to really process it, we live in a time where we no longer have to do that it's more convenient to just pick up your phone and instantly see the time. I'm seeing this girl right now and I find her crossing my mind all the time, this watch is a dedication to the space that she takes up in my brain. I think when you truly care about someone they carve out a recess in your head that's always there subconsciously or not and not in a obsessive way, in a care/worry kind of way, the kind of way that makes you stop in a store and think I bet they'd like that or when you watch a really good movie and you wish you could unwatch it so you could see it together, i could go on.  I made this watch as more of an accessory and less of a fully functional watch (although it is an excellent fully functioning time piece). it's a watch dedicated to being in love.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Japanese Quartz Movement
  • 5ATM Water Resistance
  • Laser engraved back
  • Individually Numbered of 100
  • Date +  Day of The Week
  • Case Size 40mm
  • Dial Size 32mm
  • Comes in Exclusive Box Packaging.


Total watch length comes out to 7.95 inches or 202mm in order to shorten please take to a jeweler/Watch adjuster or alternatively you can purchase a watch link remover tool and take off additional links to fit your wrist.

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