Unit 01: Woven Technical Belt V2

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Get Some Sleep and Resurgence are proud to present Death Division for a second year in a row we have joined forces to release two exclusive limited availability garments.

Last year we released The Woven Technical belt a black and white jacquard webbing style belt with a metal cinch lock and this year we decided to give it  an overhaul. We found a manufacturer that made webbing in a higher resolution so the text is bolder than the previous one, their jacquard technology is also superior allowing us to add an additional color the belt as well as a color change towards the end of it additionally we also upgraded the buckle it now features a heavy duty, military style, full metal, black side release buckle.


Shipping costs:
Domestic US: Free
International 13.50$


3.5cm or 1.5in


200cm or 78 inches

one size fits most.

we are not selling the belts with intentions of being used as climbing gear or any load bearing purpose we are not to be held accountable for any such attempts.


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