You Are The Flowers - Soft Knit Sweater [PRE-ORDER]

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This item is available as a PRE-ORDER. PRODUCTION AND SHIPPING OF THESE PRODUCTS IS ESTIMATED TO TAKE BETWEEN 8-12 WEEKS AFTER PRE-ORDERS CLOSE. These are always estimates and can take less or more time depending on factors out of our control.

You can cancel your pre-order at anytime. You can change the size of your pre-order during the pre-order phase, but after that, we will begin production. EXCHANGES AND SIZE EXCHANGES AFTER THIS PERIOD CAN'T BE GUARANTEED. Please contact us at any point before the ship date if you need an address change!

 I'm extremely proud of this one, I love making knit sweaters I love the blocky condensed texture that the art gets when its compressed into the sweaters, I love the way knit sweaters look on people I think knit sweaters are possibly my favorite garments. Lately I feel as though my writing has had sort of a Dr Seuss effect, its cutesy, tchotchke, childlike and to be honest I originally sort of thought it was cringe but instead of pushing out of it I leaned into it and I came up with this sweater. I feel as though i tend to avoid things if i see myself falling too much into one style i run away from it but now i'm sort of falling down into it and embracing it and I feel that as i embrace it, it allows me to be more authentic, so what if it's cute so what if it's always about love so what if it's sad it came from my head and i'm proud of it and that's all that matters. This sweater is a thick distressed fully knit sweater, it has distressing on the cuffs and the neck, it also features a fully knit design on the front and it is embroidered on the front and the back. Similar to the "I used to be" sweater it is made out of a soft mohair acrylic blend that is soft and not itchy. I hope you enjoy this one.

  • Boxy Fit
  • distressed throughout 
  • Embroidered Front And Back
  • Fully Knit Construction fully knit front image


It is recommended to get your regular TTS; The sweater, like most of our products runs, short and sizing up doesn't make it much longer it is intended to fall on your waist.

(inches) S M L XL 2XL
Chest (pit to pit) 23 23 7/8 24 5/8 24 3/8 26 1/8
Length 23 23 3/4 24 1/2 25 1/4 26
Sleeve Length 19 3/4 20 1/8 20 1/2 20 7/8 21 1/4

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