The Love Letter Archive - Issue #3

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  • abbi gross on

    the art of loving

    I like the imagine falling in love
    is like starting up a fire
    immense beauty and power
    you can’t help but admire
    when handled recklessly
    consequences are very dire
    when tended to with care
    it can lift you ever so higher
    the warmth upon your skin
    satisfying your every desire

    it requires much patience
    for a fire to light
    you must wait for conditions
    to be exactly right
    like finding perfect winds
    in order to fly your kite
    you shouldn’t feel as though
    you have to put up a fight
    feeling stuck in endless night
    consumed by darkness
    desperate for a spark to ignite
    but it shows up
    when you least expect it
    completely out of sight

    when you finally manage
    to get your fire to start
    you have promised one another
    a piece of your heart
    to maintain requires effort
    you must each play your part
    together the two of you
    will make harmonious art.

  • Jack on

    In the quiet realm of night, I lay my head,
    To peaceful slumber, I am gently led.
    Dreams arise like stars, a tapestry of the mind,
    In the cradle of rest, my worries left behind.

    In the dance of dreams, worlds intertwine,
    A fleeting glimpse of a realm so fine.
    Yet as morning light begins to gleam,
    I know, it won’t be like this forever, it seems.

    I haven’t written a poem since a haiku in elementary school, but this was fun :)

  • Andreana Napoles on

    The shit that’s the shit that shit you know — THAT shit.

    it’s fucked up really.
    the power. the control.

    the social constructs in place
    to cause a divide

    because in their minds

    THEIR world does not thrive
    without human divide.

    but their world is an illusion
    a figment in the fragility of life.
    the arrogance— you can not control human kind.

    I pray for a world of normality in individuality.

    say less they say. the religious and the woke.

    when’s the last time y’all heard a free mind who is so eloquently spoke’.

    there’s no knowledge or theory I wouldn’t or couldn’t believe. My fathoms are huger than my dreams.

    the tremendous amount of people who lose sleep over others peoples pleasures and deceits. oh please.

    holier than though because though dare not face the truth— that God is a mirror image of me in you.

    that speaks volumes for your legitimacy.

    look, I see us as equals but could you say the same for me?

    the only things that make us unequal are the inhumane things you try to mirror in me.


  • maximiliano on

    another day, another test
    trying to love the ugly, like you do the best
    i have only one reason, to believe
    and its you, my reprieve
    its your smile, that holds me together
    and my joy tells me, the bad doesnt last forever.

    i dont really write poetry but i wanted to do something for my fiance🖤🖤🖤

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